Sunday, April 27, 2014

spring fling

Were a bit behind, working full time has gotten the best of us and blogging has fallen off one of my must haves, instead I spend my free moments with Tyler and the girls!

Wanted to share a quick update though!

Adelina turned two back in February. She is two going on twenty I swear. She continues to be quite the spit fire. She loves to be the star of the show and can light up any room. Her white hair is wild just like her little personality. She loves school and her sister and lights up our lives. She can be difficult at times but mostly we even love that about her, it makes her who she is and we wouldn't change that for anything.

Franki is another women wise beyond her years. She tells people soon ill be four then five. She loves all of her "older" friends and does well keeping up with them. She is still just the sweetest little love around. She tells us how much she loves us daily, she holds our hands and gives us lots of hugs. She is just the friendliest little thing. She continues to love school and anything related to outside play (especially since its finally nice!!) She is forever growing and makes us laugh everyday

And in big news we will be moving in just three short weeks! We are looking forward to what we call our forever home, the home we plan to stay in for quite some time. We found our dream house sitting on a old tree lines street in the quaint downtown st. Charles. It reminds us of the city. Neither Tyler or I are all that familiar with the surrounding area, but we cant wait to see what it will have in store for us. The girls are thrilled about decorating and creating there space, and more importantly our new backyard! So that has been keeping us busy the last few months. Now we are in full packing mode. Ill update more after we move, but for now I leave you with these sweet ever changing faces.

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