Sunday, April 27, 2014

spring fling

Were a bit behind, working full time has gotten the best of us and blogging has fallen off one of my must haves, instead I spend my free moments with Tyler and the girls!

Wanted to share a quick update though!

Adelina turned two back in February. She is two going on twenty I swear. She continues to be quite the spit fire. She loves to be the star of the show and can light up any room. Her white hair is wild just like her little personality. She loves school and her sister and lights up our lives. She can be difficult at times but mostly we even love that about her, it makes her who she is and we wouldn't change that for anything.

Franki is another women wise beyond her years. She tells people soon ill be four then five. She loves all of her "older" friends and does well keeping up with them. She is still just the sweetest little love around. She tells us how much she loves us daily, she holds our hands and gives us lots of hugs. She is just the friendliest little thing. She continues to love school and anything related to outside play (especially since its finally nice!!) She is forever growing and makes us laugh everyday

And in big news we will be moving in just three short weeks! We are looking forward to what we call our forever home, the home we plan to stay in for quite some time. We found our dream house sitting on a old tree lines street in the quaint downtown st. Charles. It reminds us of the city. Neither Tyler or I are all that familiar with the surrounding area, but we cant wait to see what it will have in store for us. The girls are thrilled about decorating and creating there space, and more importantly our new backyard! So that has been keeping us busy the last few months. Now we are in full packing mode. Ill update more after we move, but for now I leave you with these sweet ever changing faces.

Saturday, January 11, 2014


Im not sure I could even put into words the relationship that Addi and Franki have with one another. They are more than just sisters and friends. The way they make each other laugh, the way they look at each other with admiration for one another. The way they come up with things to play with together. They know exactly what the other one wants, likes, quirks, etc. These two cuddle up against each other everyday, they are constantly making one another happy. Watching there relationship is a mother's dream. I love the beautiful friendship that continues to amaze me everyday. Be amazed by the beauty of these two sisters. The love...

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Jingle bells

3 days until Christmas! And just over a week until the new year.

We have been busy as can be. The girls have had a fully packed schedule. We started Thanksgiving by heading downtown to the Mag Mile parade. What better than to start with a little 20 degree temps and Mickey Mouse parade. We bundled up and the girls had an absolute blast. We even had a special trip to the Disney store which always dds to the magic of the holiday season. We have been busy with all kinds of holiday themed events. The holiday has been slightly overwhelming for the girls. The school has had multiple parties, holiday events, and lots of Santa talk over the past 5 weeks. That is  a lot for little gals to handle. They are at the point where they just want there presents already, enough Santa business. We do the whole elf on the shelf thing. Our's is named snowflake and the girls have had a ball trying to find her and see what trouble she gets herself into (the only trouble has been that momma and daddy have to remember and find unique places for her to go and things to do!!). We have played with friends, baked cookies, had a ugly sweater Christmas party, made reindeer food, decorated christmas ornaments, got our annual real tree, the whole nine yards! The girls are still both terrified of Santa, no surprise there. They will get close enough to wave but any closer seems to produce instantaneous tears. The girls are beyond excited for christmas morning and cannot wait for all there new presents. Addi is long awaiting yet another few dollies to add to her collection. Franki she'll take about just every toy in the toy department (However, she plays dolls and school all day long, so really a few school supplies and a chalkboard would probably suit her best! We still have a few things to pack into the next few days! Merry Christmas to All and to all a Good night!

Here are a few photos to enjoy!

The girls are really into Christmas music this year. They have been listening since before Thanksgiving. There favorites are Jingle Bell Rock and Santa Clause is coming to town. The sound and feeling of Christmas is alive and well in our home!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fall 2013

Fall is one of my favorite times of year. The return of pumpkin spice lattes is really what signifies fall has arrived. Yes that and the looks on the girls faces at the first crisp Saturday in Fall picking apples off the apple farm, washing dirty pumpkins to put on our porch, hayrides, petting zoos, just to name a few. We have had a busy season so far. Tyler was out of town for two whole weeeks in October leaving the girls and I to enjoy a few tastes of fall without him. It wasnt really the same but we did our best to keep busy and enjoy the happenings. The girls and I love to be outside so anytime we can enjoy before winter hits is super important to us. We have gone to several pumpkin farms, along with parks, long walks and bike rides and just spent lots of time with old and new friends. The girls and I are so blessed that we have so many people around to help keep us busy and occupied when Tyler is traveling. In the two weeks he was gone I maybe had to cook dinner two or three nights. Lots of great people fed us, had us over to play, etc. I dont know what I would do without my family and friends close by. When Tyler returned we took full advantage of scary movies, warm coffee, pumpkin carving, chili in the crockpot and again all of the things we love about Fall. Currently we are enjoying all of the little things the girls are into.

Franki is now 3 1/4. She has one of the most tender personality traits ever. She loves her sister, friends and family with 100% of her heart. She is very animated. Loves dance, gymnastics, and swimming. She loves to sing, both kids and pop songs, as well as make up her own songs. Her imagination is brilliant. I love seeing what new things she comes up with. I got to daycare this week she was sitting between two girls dressed as princesses who were laying down pretending to sleep. She was telling them a princess story from her "kindle". She is definitely a little teacher/mama. Her favorite play is with babies and house as well as playing school and teacher. When she is outside all she needs is a shovel and a bucket to be busy learning and digging and running for hours. She loves our daily walks with hulk. She still has to hold hands to fall asleep. She is learning to write her name and lots of other letters. We just love watching her learn and see what new things she is saying doing each day!

Addi is a chatterbox. Girl can talk with complete sentences and uses some big words! She is also a women who knows what she wants. She can tell you exactly what she wants when she wants it and usually does it with sass. She loves to laugh and to be tickled. She is an imitator of everything her sister does and says. She loves to sing, read books to her baby dolls, play teacher, and to carry her purse around. She has to have something to carry around with her and each day her "thing" be it a baby, a pony, a stuffed animal changes. She loves sucking her fingers its her security blanket. She is so tiny and so sweet but oh man can the girl throw done, dont steal from her or cheat her from a cookie, shell know about it and can throw one of the most dramatic fits I have ever seen :)! She likes to call herself monkey and swing from  just about anything that will allow her to swing. She also loves gymnastics and can now jump on her own and do a summersault. She is always learning new things and her rate of vocabulary is so stunning to watch. We love her little messy hair, cheeky grin and mischevious ways. Wouldn't have it any other way! She also has a mild obsession with dogs and animals.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I dont want to See Attle?! 2013

Family vacation 2013.

As we were at the airport to leave Franki heard them call for boarding to Seattle and she told us immediately that she does not want to see attle. We tried every angle to explain to her that was where we were going not a person but she could not comprehend this. Her three year old brain several times on our trip for three days would her the words seattle and almost become angry or upset that we were trying to take her to see attle. Whom she definitely thought was a girl because she would state she didnt want to see her. She just plan ole preffered for us to just say we were on "cation". I love the way she thinks! It gave everyone good laugh during the trip! We had a wonderful 1st family vacation. We went to a beautiful park called green lake, pike place market, space needle, children's museum, aquarium, on a ferry, whidbey island, deception pass and then back down seattle. It was a great experience and a really cool city for us to experience together! Both girls rocked the plane and the whole travel thing. They love meeting new people. We stayed with one of Tyler's co workers and the girls fell right into place. They loved Bob and Jackie and easily fit into playing and making themselves at home. We were blessed to have someone stay with us! I highly recommend taking car seats on a plane! It made a huge difference in the comfort and sleep for girls on the plane!

Enjoy the view!

Pray for us as we put our house on the market Tomorrow!!